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Narrarator: Welcome to Little River Bed and Breakfast located in the wonderful town of Peterborough New Hampshire.  The Little River Bed and Breakfast is a recently renovated 1870s farmhouse situated along the scenic Nubanusit River.  They offer modern amenities, causal elegance and warm hospitality.  The Bed and Breakfast is easy to locate in town and it also has an extra large driveway for extra large vehicles.  They also have ample parking so you never have to deal with parking on the street.  Located right next to the parking area is a space where you can simply relax.  Come in from a long day of exploring and you don’t even have to enter the house.  Just have a seat, relax and listen to the river.

Video: sounds of river with birds chirping in background.

Narrarator: Now that we’ve seen a little of the outside, let’s meet our hosts and find out what’s available on the inside.

Innkeeper, Rob: Hi, we’re Rob and Paula, welcome to our bed and breakfast, come on in.

Narrarator: This beautiful entryway is lit well to accommodate night arrivals.  There’s also a guest book where you can thumb through and see people from all around the world.  The foyer leads directly into the dining area.  But before we talk about eating and dining, let’s first find out more about how the inn is laid out.

Innkeeper, Paula: So we have four guest rooms, each one has a Queen size bed and its own attached private bath.  Some of the rooms have views of the river, some of the rooms have gas stove fireplaces and some of the rooms have both.  So there’s a lot of different options.  The rooms are different sizes, they’re each individually decorated and there’s a lot to choose from.

Narrarator: Let’s take a tour of the rooms so we can get a better look at them.  We start off by going upstairs.  There are three bedrooms located upstairs and one bedroom on the main level.  

The first room we encounter is the Beech Tree Room, named for the beech trees you can see when you look out the window.  This room offers a generous Queen size bed with desk, sitting area and its own heat and air conditioning.  It also has a television so you can unwind at night.  But since you are on vacation you might want to curl up with a book by your own private fire.  The room also features an attached private bathroom, just look at that beautiful cork floor.

The next room is the Goose Brook Room.  This room also has a nice Queen size bed as well as plenty of dresser space and a television set.  This private attached bathroom also has a wonderful cork floor, a pedestal sink as well as a large walk-in shower.

The third bedroom located upstairs is The North Room.  This room also features a Queen size bed and has a nice space for your electronics.  The room also has plenty of dresser space as well as its own television.  This room features a private attached bathroom.  The bathroom also features cork flooring as well as a private shower.  Unwind your day of exploring with your own romantic fire.

If you like. More social experience, you can go to the common area in the upstairs and relax and talk with your friends.  The lounge area and some of the bedrooms have there own private view of the river.

If you’d like to avoid going up and down stairs, they’ve got you covered.  They also have a wonderful room downstairs on the main level.  The fourth room is the Monadnock Room.  This room also features a Queen size bed, is tastefully declared with casual elegance.  It features its own television set, its own fireplace, its own desk and lounging area.  This bathroom is private and attached to the room.  It offers the largest bathroom in the house and the easiest to maneuver in.  Relax in style in front of your own private fireplace.

There’s also a common area on the main floor right off the kitchen.  This is a great area to meet some other guests and make some new friends.  There’s nothing quite like having a nice drink and sharing a wonderful moment with your loved ones in front of a real wood fire.

Now that we got to see all the bedrooms, let’s go back down to the kitchen and see what Paula’s serving for breakfast.  

Innkeeper, Paula: So for breakfast we like to do a full three course served breakfast in the morning.  We start with fruit and then we do a baked good or our homemade granola and then finish off with an entree either a savory dish like a frittata or strata or a baked French toast or something on the sweeter side.  We often do local meats, local eggs, any kind of local produce that we can get we like to serve with breakfast.

Narrarator: Paula is probably too shy to admit it but let me tell you from experience her baked goods are amazing.  Even the locals come in town to eat them.  Any time of day or night, the hospitality bar is always open.  If you want to get yourself a coffee or some tea.  If you time it right you can catch the fresh cookies that just came out of the oven nice and warm.  Let me tell you that kitchen smells good.  In fact their cookies are so good that their cookies are featured in the Currier and Ives Cookie Tour.  This is Paula’s 2014 recipe which is the peppermint swirl sugar cookie.  So don’t wait if you want to book a room so you could go on the cookie tour in late fall you better do it now.

I wanted to ask the host what are the most common questions that your guests ask.

Innkeeper, Rob: Guests often call and ask how close to the river we are.  Well, we are very close, it’s literally just steps off the back of the house.  We have our Adirondack chairs out there, its. A beautiful place to sit, listen to the river, read a book, drink a glass of wine or fall asleep.  You can also dip your toes into the river.  It’s a very relaxing place, we’ve had people do yoga and Tai-Chi out there and although I wouldn’t recommend it in the winter time, you can go in it in the summer time.  But it is beautiful in all four seasons whether its the fall with the colors or the winter with the snow it is a beautiful place to be all year round.

Narrarator: Another big advantage for coming during the winter is you get to see wildlife that you usually don’t see.  With a little luck, you can catch the river otters playing right in the backyard.  Besides the wildlife on your doorstep, I wanted to find out why else do guests come to Peterborough.

Innkeeper, Paula: Peterborough is a great town.  Here at the bed and breakfast we’re just an easy one mile stroll from downtown Peterborough.  There are great restaurants, some great shopping, some interesting art galleries and just a real nice downtown feel.  We have lots of hiking in the area.  Mount Monadnock is the main draw but there are also a lot of many other trails that are great to do, some with elevation and some without.  Peterborough Players is here, they do summer stock theater with a new show every two weeks through the summer but they also host a lot of music events and other events during the winter and the early spring.  And then there are all sorts of other events that happen in Peterborough year-round.

Narrarator: I wanted to know, what is there to do from season to season.

Innkeeper, Rob: Well, we have our on-season and have our off-season.  The on-season a lot of the outdoor activities and the Peterborough Players.  What we do for off-season, its vey popular to come up here to do outdoor hiking and contra dancing is very popular.  One of the nice things about Peterborough is that it’s open year-round.  All the restaurants stay open, all the museums and so forth.  So you can still come to Peterborough and you can still enjoy your day and then go into town and shop at all the stores that are open and have sinner at the restaurants.  So in addition to the contra dancing and the hiking there’s cross country skiing and we also have a folk music society that brings in national acts that perform folk music throughout the winter months.

So we offer several different packages that are available throughout the year. We do have our Peterborough Players package which includes dinner for two at one of our nice restaurants and tickets to the theater and then of course the overnight stay with us here at the bed and breakfast.  We also offer our celebrations or special occasion package which is our homemade carrot cake package which is the best carrot cake you will ever have!

Narrarator: I can see why this place has a five star rating on TripAdvisor based on a hundred three traveler reviews.  That’s not easy to do.

Innkeeper, Rob: So we offer a discounted special rate in the off-season, just check our website for details.

Narrarator: Come visit your new home away from home.  These rooms fill up quickly so don’t wait.  Go over to the website and book your next vacation.

Oh one last thing, if you’d like to learn more about Peterborough before you come, I’ve made a video tour just click the link that is appearing in the right corner now or check the description below.