Peterborough Players announces 2010 season

Exciting news…the Peterborough Players is celebrating its 77th year and has announced its 2010 season. For anyone who has not seen a play at the outstanding Peterborough Players but enjoys live theater, you should definitely take advantage of The Players. Not too many places where you can enjoy professional live theater in a renovated and cozy 1700s barn…it’s a great atmosphere to say the least (and yes it is air conditioned for those warm Summer evenings).

The schedule looks like this (for additional information, contact us here at the B&B):

June 23 – July 4: The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead – a witty new play by Robert Hewett
A cheating husband, a meddling neighbor, and a dropped ice cream cone combine to shatter Rhonda Russell’s quiet, suburban life. Seven very different characters each offer their own perspective of the day Rhonda went berserk – all played by a single gifted performer, Lisa Bostnar. A captivatingly brilliant and heartfelt tour de force about loss and ultimate redemption.

July 7 – July 18: Freud’s Last Session – a new play by Mark St. Germain – New Hampshire Premiere!
What if Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis had met and were posed with the “question of God”? St. Germain explores the possibilities with a host of arguments, witticisms, and further questions, many of them drawn from the written work of the two men themselves. Believers and atheists alike will find familiar points here, while St. Germain’s skillful interweaving of Freud’s and Lewis’s words make the discussion fresh even to those for whom it’s well-trod ground.

July 21 – August 1: The Foreigner – a hilarious comedy by Larry Shue
Scandals, secrets, diabolical plans – all confided to a foreigner who doesn’t speak English . . . or does he? Hilarity ensues when Englishman Charlie Baker, self-proclaimed “world’s dullest man,” takes a vacation at a rural fishing lodge with his eccentric army buddy, Froggy LeSuer. Froggy concocts an outrageous scheme to save Charlie from his shy self by introducing him as an exotic “foreigner” who can’t speak English. Soon Charlie’s guileless persona backfires and the lodge guests share their deepest secrets and most sinister plans.

August 4 – August 15: Tartuffe – a classic comedy by Molière
Tartuffe is the epitome of a houseguest from hell. Under a cloak of piety, he works his way into Orgon’s household, coveting the family’s fortune and anything else he can lay his hands on – including Orgon’s wife and daughter. Everyone but Orgon sees through Tartuffe’s pose, but is it too late to save them from ruin? Molière’s most popular play, Tartuffe spins religious hypocrisy into high comedy, complete with an anti-hero you love to hate.

August 18 – August 29: The Torch-Bearers – a backstage farce by George Kelly
A side-splitting 1920s farce about a troupe of amateur actors who rehearse and perform a show-stopping new play – or try to with all their might. Their stage is riddled with comedic drama, suspense, and good old-fashioned witty mayhem, similar to Noises Off, Laughing Stock, and You Can’t Take It With You.

September 1 – September 12: 2 Pianos 4 Hands – a comedy by Richard Greenblatt and Ted Dykstra – New Hampshire Premiere!
The riotous tale of two Canadian boys, Ted and Richard, sharing the same goal: concert pianist stardom. They work fervently toward their dream amidst pushy parents, eccentric teachers, hours of repetitive practice, stage fright, the agony of competitions, and the dream of greatness. Along the journey the actors/pianists portray a dazzling range of characters embellished with a show of piano wizardry featuring the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

September 15 – September 26: This Verse Business – a new play by Andrew Dolan – World Premiere!
A one-man show about the great American poet, Robert Frost, who “barded” around the country for forty-five years with his poetry, dry wit, and “promises to keep.” At times funny, often poignant, This Verse Business will give you things to ponder as the season comes to an end.

Last year we got to three plays and are hoping to get to at least that many this season…hope to see everyone there.