Peterborough is “buzzing”

Peterborough has always been a haven for artists and its residents are very aware of their environmental impact on our world.  This past summer, those two concepts came together for a fantastic art mural designed to help raise awareness for our critically important honey bee population.

When a local group, The New Hampshire Honey Bee Initiative, joined forces with artist Matt Willey of the Good of the Hive Initiative, they worked out an agreement to adorn the Peterborough Community Center with a wonderful bee mural.  Matt’s goal is to paint 50,000 bees in murals throughout the world (the number of bees in the average healthy hive).

There are already murals in Florida, Washington DC, Seattle, North Carolina, New York City, Nebraska, South Carolina…and now Peterborough NH :). So when you are visiting here in Peterborough, come check out our community center mural, count the bees (there is also a dragon fly and some daffodils) and think ponder the importance of these amazing creatures!