Cookie Tour 2011 – Granola Cookies

Well, I did it!  The 7th Annual Currier & Ives Cookie Tour here in the Monadnock region is coming up this weekend and I actually have my recipe completed with time to spare!

If you are interested in participating in the tour, it will be this Saturday, December 10, from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  The tour includes 15 different B&Bs, inns, and specialty shops in Peterborough, Jaffrey, Rindge, Troy, Fitzwilliam, Swanzey, and Marlborough.  Each stop features a homemade holiday treat (with recipe) and other refreshments.  Visit at least 10 of the 15 stops and you can be eligible for a gift certificate valued at over $100.  Tickets cost $10 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Helping Hands of Troy, an organization that provides food and donations to Monadnock region residents in need.   Tickets can be purchased at our B&B, and also from Inn at East Hill Farm (Troy), Monadnock Inn (Jaffrey), Woodbound Inn (Rindge), and Inn of the Tartan Fox (Swanzey).

So for our treat this year, we are offering… Mmmmm… Granola Cookies!

The inspiration for these cookies started this summer when we began making and selling our homemade granola at two of the local farmers’ markets (Fresh Chicks Outdoor Market, and Depot Square Market, both in Peterborough) and we started thinking about all-things-granola!  At the time, I came across a King Arthur Flour Company recipe for Granola Brownie Bars.  (I’m a huge fan of KAF – their products, their people, and their recipes!)  The bars were pretty good (although I probably would call them “Blondies” rather than “Brownies”) and really versatile (you could add your own favorite combination of granola, dried fruit, nuts, chips, etc.) and a note with the recipe suggested you could make them as cookies.

Hmmm… Granola Cookies… that could work for this year’s Cookie Tour!

So off to the lab… oh, I mean kitchen… I went to work on the recipe.  The original recipe for the bars was a little too sweet for our taste and the dough was a little soft for cookies, so the first adjustment was simply lowering the sugar and increasing the flour.  The first batch of cookies were a little too cakey and still a little sweet, and they didn’t spread out at all.  For the next batch, I decreased the sugar a bit more, substituted all-purpose flour for some of the whole wheat (to make them a little more delicate) and substituted baking soda for the baking powder (baking soda is known to increase the spread in cookies and the brown sugar has enough acid to react with the baking soda so it doesn’t leave a residual taste).  I also added some rolled oats to the recipe thinking this would give them a little more “texture”, but this was not an improvement because the cookies ended up with too much “stuff” and not enough cookie!  So, for the third batch, I took out the extra oats, added just a little more flour, and decided on the “right” combination of granola and mix-ins.  Dried cranberries and white chocolate chips seemed just right for a holiday cookie, but the options could be endless!  And sure enough, the third time was the charm!  (It almost seemed too easy compared to last year’s quest for the “perfect” Mint-Filled Chocolate Fudge Cookie!)

Here’s the recipe:  Little River Bed & Breakfast Granola Cookies


Maybe we’ll see you on the tour on Saturday.  You’ll be able to sample the cookies (in addition to the one you get to bring home) and we’ll even have some of our own homemade granola available for purchase.