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Outdoor Activities

It is not possible to list all the great places to hike around the Monadnock region but we have listed some of the more popular places below:

We also maintain a personal hiking book at the B&B.  It is stocked with descriptions of dozens of local hikes and extra trail maps including a few well kept secrets you won't easily find online or in published books.

Mount Monadnock
Grand Mt. Monadnock peaks at 3,165 feet and offers over 40 miles of trails and 100 mile breathtaking panoramic views.  This is the most popular hiking mountain in North America which we climb annually choosing a different trail each year.

North and South Pack Monadnock
Located inside the oldest state park in New Hampshire (South) and its twin just to the North, these peaks top out at ~2300 feet and mark the North terminus of the 21 mile long Wapack Trail.  There are six trails to the top...or start at one trailhead, peak, descend into the valley between the two, climb up the second one and then descend to the second trailhead (requires two cars).

Edward MacDowell Lake
There are trails on both sides of the lake, each with a very distinct personality.  Looking for a nice wooded hike, explore the West side with its rolling terrain and views of the lake.  Looking for a sunny trail, explore the East side with its crushed stone trail always within view of the lake and variety of birds passing by.

Harris Center for Conservation
If it has to do with nature, this is the place to experience and learn about it.  They also have sixteen fabulous miles of trails and several peaks to explore.

Outdoor Activities