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COVID-19 Policies and Restrictions

We will be implementing the following COVID-19 Policies and Restrictions throughout the 2020 season:

Given the serious nature of this pandemic, we are taking some drastic measures to protect ourselves, our guests, and our community. Unfortunately, most of these measures will prohibit the warm hospitality and environment you are used to at our B&B, but we hope you understand the need for these changes. Please remember that all is being done because we care about the health, safety and comfort of our guests.

We ask that all guests be responsible to each other by staying home if they are experiencing any symptoms of the virus or have been in recent contact with an infected person. There will be no charge for last minute cancellations at this time.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in keeping everyone safe!


Guests will now enter through the front porch. Sanitizing wipes will be available at the door to avoid contact with the door knob. 

Common Areas

For the safety of our guests, all common areas inside the inn will be blocked off. This includes the dining area, living room and Sun Room lounge. Outside areas will remain accessible to guests.

Check In

Check in will now be done remotely. Your credit card will be charged by noon of your expected arrival, and an email receipt will be sent to you. All keys will have been sanitized with a strong alcohol solution, and left on a nightstand. We are very saddened to not have the opportunity to meet and get to know you. Please feel free to call us during your stay with any issues or concerns.


It is recommended that guests follow all health precautions recommended by the CDC. These include frequent hand washing, social distancing,  and the wearing of masks. Antibacterial soap and wipes will be provided in your room. 

Room Sanitation

Rooms will be booked for weekends only. After your stay, rooms will be kept vacant for a minimum of five days for any potential virus to die out. All surfaces in the room will be sanitized with bleach, alcohol, or other chemicals deemed to kill 99% of germs. Bedding has been changed from quaint, lovely quilts to white duvets with covers that will be bleached between each guest. 


There will be no communal sit down hot breakfast served at this time. We will instead be providing a continental breakfast to each room at 9 AM. Breakfast will consist of a baked good, fruit, and coffee or tea in take-out cups. Bottles of water and a snack for later in the day will also be included. All food will be prepared using masks and gloves.

Information Maps & Guides

A freshly printed map of the area will be provided in the bureau in your room. If you need any other information or guides, please contact us and we will do our best to provide them to you.


Given the changes to the expected service and environment, guests will receive a discounted room rate during this time.